María Lamadrid was born in May 2020. We embarked on this wonderful adventure because we wanted to create lingerie that was different, original and unseen.

We took a lot of time in the creation of the design of each garment, in the choice of fabrics and lace. We want to give them a new and exclusive air, adapting the classic to our times.

We take care of all the details to the maximum, pampering our garments one by one.

All our articles are handmade, with a lot of love and in Spain. We believe that the Spanish brand should prevail at all times.

We are inspired by everything that is romantic and go back to those fabrics and laces of our great-grandmothers, which were being lost. We like women to feel elegant at all times. We also draw on the English countryside with Liberty fabrics.


Regarding brides, if they wish, we take the garments to their home so they can try them on or see them. Taking care of our clients is our greatest premise, they are the protagonists, the truly special and unique ones on their wedding day and we want to make them feel that way.

We can say that the moments before the wedding (makeup, hairdressing) that appear in the photos are increasingly important and that is why the bride needs tailored and special garments.

With all the rush of everyday life and the amount of things to do, for us, makeup and beauty time becomes a little time to be with ourselves, and if the day allows it, take it easy. They become a few minutes to take care of our appearance, pamper ourselves… but not in a superficial way, but as a reflection of the soul.

The wedding day is the most special day for the bride, so the makeup and preparation moments have even more value. We like to think that this little time of preparation reflects everything the couple has gone through together to say ‘I do’. And how to capture all this importance? With an exclusive garment that makes the bride feel beautiful and tries to live up to the beauty of the preparation.